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A Toast with Las Gidi. Redefining freshness with a unique flavor experience.

Our lightly carbonated soft drink is inspired by the Chapman punch, originally from Nigeria. Crafted out of the desire for an exotic drink without alcohol, the Chapman gained popular success throughout the country, quickly establishing itself as a national party favorite.

Las Gidi channels the same vibe and flavor journey into two equally satisfying, non-alcoholic craft sodas. We’ve added all the zest, tang, and sweetness you love without the unnecessary ingredients you don’t. 

Get to Know the Flavors

Original Chapman

The perfect foundation to your signature cocktail mixtures, this classic blend marries tangy, citrusy fruits with the spiciness of Angostura bitters. It’s finished with a juicy garnishing of choice fruit flavors.

Mango Flavored Chapman

Imagine the vibe of the tropics taking over the familiar taste of Chapman. Our mango flavor offers a seasonal sweetness to balance the original zesty zing. It takes over with a rich, succulent taste reminiscent of an overdue beach getaway.