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About Us

We’re bridging cultures from around the world with Las Gidi at the center of every gathering. 

More than just a sophisticated spin on classic flavors, the spirit of our brand lies in our love for community building and forging positive connections with a shared passion for the flavors of life.

Las Gidi is our Nigerian roots blended into an irresistibly refreshing beverage for all to savor – an open invitation to experience the beautiful complexities of our African palette. It calls for friendly get-togethers with conversations across borders, while music and laughter fill the air.

With every flavor-filled drop, we want to inspire creativity and a global view on self-expression. Our mission is to have all people partake in our bit of tradition. To share it with joy. To enjoy it wholeheartedly. And to make it a part of their happiest moments for seasons to come.


Olu and Shegun